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“All students can learn when taught correctly, regardless of past history and background. If the student hasn’t learned, the teacher hasn’t taught.” - Siegfried "Zig" Engelmann, founder of the Direct Instruction teaching method.

Our teaching method, Direct Instruction, is designed to work with students facing learning challlenges across the range of academic ability, including students with special needs. Children and adolescents who have learning disabilities such as Dyslexia or ADHD, or those with developmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder or Down syndrome, can and do learn effectively with Direct Instruction. If the student has enough skills to be placed in one of our programs, and can do the first steps, they will be able to progress through the program, regardless of their prior learning history. There are countless cases in which students previously deemed "unteachable" learned successfully with Direct Instruction.

The most effective way of accelerating the learning time for special needs students is the direct and explicit teaching of skills. We will first determine your child’s specific needs, then we’ll create a customized plan of instruction focused intensively on those needs. It is our experience that, when guided and challenged by excellent instruction, our students surpass all expectations (and labels placed upon them) and reach ever-greater heights of achievement.

All of our programs are available either online or at our education centre.

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Special Needs Randomized Image

The Firefly Method: Direct Instruction
Originally developed in the 1960’s by renowned educator Zig Engelmann of the University of Oregon, Direct Instruction is the most effective, thoroughly researched teaching method available. In more than 300 studies conducted over the past 55 years, Direct Instruction has consistently outperformed all other teaching methods in speed and quality of learning in reading, math, writing, comprehension and spelling. Direct Instruction succeeds through the use of clear and consistent language, carefully sequenced material, and constant assessment allowing for highly individualized delivery.

One-to-One Teaching
At Firefly Education, we design a customized curriculum of instruction tailored to each student’s specific needs, beginning with careful assessment and placement to determine the exact starting point for each student. We then deliver that curriculum on a one-to-one teacher-to-student basis. This focused approach creates the ideal environment for productive learning at each student's ideal pace.

Speed of Learning
The Direct Instruction method, with its structured format and fast-paced interaction between student and teacher, concentrates the teaching process. The student thus learns much more rapidly than with other teaching methods.

The Student Experience
Students enjoy learning with us because they experience continual success while being consistently challenged, without becoming overwhelmed and frustrated. Our instructors develop a strong rapport with their students and ensure that the lessons are lively and engaging. Students are actively involved in setting ambitious goals for themselves and tracking their own performance.

Special Needs Students
Direct Instruction works with students facing learning challenges across the range of academic ability, including those with Attention Deficit Disorders, learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, and developmental disorders such as Autism or Down syndrome. Students previously deemed “unteachable” learn successfully with the specialized Direct Instruction programs at Firefly Education.

Online Option
For ease of scheduling and accessibility, we offer an online teaching option for qualified students to complement instruction at our learning centre.

At Firefly Education we promise results. Our methods are open and transparent. We tell you the specific progress you can expect, and we deliver it ... and our approach works quickly:

You will see results within the first five lessons.

Firefly Education: more than tutoring - teaching.

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