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How can we help your student meet their specific needs?

Catch Up

My child is struggling in some areas and needs extra help.


My child is not being challenged in school and could benefit from greater challenges.

Early Start

I want to ensure that my young child's education gets off to a firm start.

Special Needs

My child has serious learning difficulties and needs intensive help building core academic skills.


I'm teaching my child and need support to provide the strongest possible instruction in core skills.


My teenager needs to acquire academic skills as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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Firefly Education provides highly specialized learning programs in reading, math, writing, comprehension and spelling to students of all ages and academic abilities, both online and at our education centre in Essa, Ontario. Our key focus is our use of the Direct Instruction teaching method, which we deliver one-to-one to each student to produce accelerated learning in core academic skills.

Our mission: To enable each student to make the greatest possible progress in the shortest possible time.

You will see results within the first five lessons.

Firefly Education: more than tutoring - teaching.

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