How We Work

Initial Consultation (FREE)
Consultations are always provided free of charge. Our initial consultation allows us to learn more about the specific needs of your child, and gives us an opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

Initial Assessment & Placement Testing (FREE UPON ENROLLMENT)
Our first step with every new student is to give the student a comprehensive series of tests to measure their current core academic skills and determine placement in the programs we offer. The results are analyzed to select which programs would be ideal for the student, and which level and lesson would be the optimal starting point. We then prepare a written report with our recommended individualized plan of instruction designed to address the student’s specific needs.

Follow Up Consultation (FREE)
A follow up consultation will be provided to discuss the results of the Initial Assessment & Placement Testing in detail and to decide on a course of action.

One-to-One Direct Instruction & Precision Teaching
This service is designed to offer the best possible instruction for each student in the shortest amount of time. Direct Instruction is unmatched in effectiveness through its use of clear and consistent language, carefully sequenced, highly structured material, and constant interaction and assessment, allowing for highly individualized delivery. Direct Instruction focuses on creating a strong foundation of core academic skills and teaching all skills to mastery. Precision Teaching techniques are used as a supplement to build fluency (speed and accuracy) for previously mastered skills.

A minimum level of commitment of a 1-hour-long session 2 times per week is required to ensure that each student achieves the rapid results that our teaching method is designed to deliver. We can work with you to customize an enhanced schedule for your child of up to 3 hours per session, and up to 5 times per week to further accelerate progress and / or to accommodate more subjects.

Our instructors are highly trained, skilled and devoted professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional results. We pair your child with an instructor whom he or she will be most compatible with. The one-to-one nature of the instruction allows our instructors to develop a strong rapport with each student.

Our program does not require additional homework, as all teaching occurs during your scheduled instruction time. Homework may be provided upon request if you would like your child to have more opportunities for practice at home.

Online Option
For ease of scheduling and accessibility, we offer an online teaching option for qualified students to complement instruction at our learning centre.

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